Tips for youth for being a responsible Driver

Did you know that half of all traffic accidents occur at night? And this is despite the fact that in the dark volume of traffic as much as ten times lower than during the day. This is due to the fact that the possibility of human vision in the dark significantly limited in all respects - the angle of vision, precision, color perception, depth, peripheral review. The reaction of the driver slows down due to the fact that he was not able to visually assess the quality dangerous situation on the night journey.

Do not forget about the rules of safe driving in the dark

Therefore, unfortunately, the percentage of fatalities during long trips hours three times higher than the daylight. The main reasons for these unfortunate consequences are pedestrian accidents and collisions of cars. Long road to darkness is fraught with many dangers, and in this article we will talk about how to prepare the car for the journey in the dark, and what safety measures required to be taken during night driving. Learn on scientifical research on worst time to travel by car.

So, when traveling at night, you should constantly be attentive to everything going on "behind" your car. Increased risk of night driving due to the fact that the driver can see only a few dozen meters of the road entering the beam and, therefore, unable to properly analyze the real situation on the way.

Going on a long road, reinsurance and turn headlights even before dusk. Also be careful when approaching the climbs, because if the top will be a counter machine - it may temporarily dazzle you with their headlights. Accordingly, approaching the descent, do not forget that now someone can rise up to meet you at the bottom. The same goes for cornering, especially on an unfamiliar road - after dark, just in case, treat each of them as potentially dangerous - it will help you to quickly mobilize in the event that the real danger does arise suddenly.

At night, turn on any unfamiliar road can be dangerous

The dangers of driving "under the cover of darkness," according to the age increase motorist. The older the driver, the more light it needs for adequate perception of the road. In addition, factors such as the speed of reaction and concentration also depends on the age of the driver, gradually falling over the years.

Of course, for driving under the influence of alcohol has been said a lot of words, but it is useful to reiterate the fact that the majority of accidents, fatal conflicts happen is caused by drunk drivers. Please do not drink, sitting behind the wheel at night, do not rely on an empty road and other "pluses" the darkness - it can endanger your life and the lives of those around you.

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