What is an electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have been invented by a Hong Kong company RUYAN in 2003. Since then, the electronic cigarettes are gradually conquering different markets, selling mainly through online stores.

Despite the abundance of brands, the real producers of electronic cigarettes (factories) are relatively few. Factories, using known and respected in the community are relatively few, not more than 10, all of them are in China.

Harmful to the electronic cigarette.
The question of harm and benefit of electronic cigarettes is perhaps the most confusing. Go tell that to draw final conclusions will each own. I'll help you get the facts and separate them from the myths.

So, I know of the facts against the electronic cigarette:

1. WHO did not conduct the necessary clinical trials. Long-term consequences of the use of electronic cigarettes have not been studied.

2. Electronic cigarettes are banned in Denmark and Israel.

3. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a poison. In using electronic cigarettes tucked liquid containing nicotine, you support nicotine dependence.

Facts in support of electronic cigarettes:

1. Electronic cigarette does not contain more than 2,000 harmful compounds released during the combustion of conventional cigarettes.

2. E-cigarette does not contain tar.

3. From e-cigarettes do not yellow fingers and teeth. From it there is no unpleasant odor.

4. The person using the electronic cigarette, inhales not smoke and steam, which includes dietary supplements: propylene glycol, food glycerin, purified water and food flavorings.

5. Electronic cigarette users can independently adjust the dose of nicotine received, up to the complete abandonment of the use of nicotine.

Taking the decision to switch to electronic cigarettes, I was aware of the ambiguity of the choice and took full responsibility for all possible consequences for their health.

I switched to electronic cigarettes, as suggested that the possible harm caused by electronic cigarettes is less than the damage caused by conventional cigarettes.

Does the electronic cigarette to quit smoking.
Let's see if that helps the electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

Using the electronic cigarette allows a person to nicotine addiction get the usual dose of nicotine less harmful way.

E-cigarette allows you to gradually reduce the fortress of the liquids (cartridges), and gradually get rid of the physiological dependence on nicotine. Or, just stop using nicotine and use only beznikotinovye liquid.

E-cigarette gives couples having an external similarity to smoke cigarettes. But you should understand that the electronic cigarette will not be able with certainty to repeat all the sensations experienced by a smoker when smoking normal cigarettes: taste, temperature of the smoke, other sensations experienced when smoking. The names of liquids for electronic cigarettes that are consonant with the names of well-known brands of cigarettes or tobacco varieties - a marketing ploy manufacturers. A real taste of the liquid only partially resembles tobacco.

In fairness it should be noted that the use of a good electronic cigarette with properly chosen liquids can enjoy.

Among the people I know who switched to electronic cigarettes are very few people who have completely given up smoking ordinary. However, significantly reduce the number of cigarettes smoked many failed (as an example - a pack of 1-3 units per day).

Remember how you started smoking? For the majority of cigarette taste seemed nasty to him had to be used. Similarly, the need to get used to the new feel of the use of e-cigarettes. Many users switched to electronic cigarettes, say that the taste of traditional cigarettes is unpleasant for them.

Noteworthy is the fact that many participants in the online community dedicated to electronic cigarettes have the experience of smoking cigarettes 10 years and have made repeated attempts to quit smoking.

My conclusion: a good (not each) electronic cigarette will significantly increase the chances of a person to quit smoking altogether or switch to a less harmful way of using nicotine. But it is not a panacea, the presence of the will and desire are very important.