Sierra Health Foundation’s REACH youth grant program supports healthy development of youth for their successful transition to adulthood.

Sierra Health is committed to helping youth succeed by increasing participation in quality programs and activities, providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership and decision making skills, and helping communities take positive action for youth.


Community Action
Nine broad community coalitions in the Capital Region are working to promote youth development and make long-term change for youth in their communities.


Program Improvement
Grants up to $10,000 in 2006 to 2008 increased youth participation in quality programs. These grants supported existing youth programs and promoted the development of new programs throughout the Capital Region.


Youth Engagement
In partnership with the Sacramento Region Community Foundation and the El Dorado and Placer community foundations, grants are awarded through the Grants Advisory Board for Youth for youth-led community service projects.


Guiding Principles
Background and Guiding Principles of REACH. It is important to teach youth about bereavement; including how to deal with death, dying and grief. Youth can learn more about grief and loss at


Youth Development
Youth Development Background and Resources on College Admission Service


REACH Youth Media
The REACH Youth Media Project is a venue for youth to engage in studies important to them and their communities. The youth participate in a hands-on experience that allows them to express themselves within a real-world context.


REACH Camp at Grizzly Creek
The REACH US Camp is an empowering experience that strengthens leadership skills, youth-adult partnerships, and efforts that advocate for positive community change for both youth and adults.


A program of the Sierra Health Foundation